all about PREFERENCES..

Kamu uda 23.. tapi di mata papa kamu mah masi 2 taon terus.. papa paling inget pas kamu rambut dikuncir-kuncir kecil terus minta digendong-gendong.. hopla hopla~~”

“Mama paling inget pas dede masi 6 ato 7 taon.. kalo dy mo ngomong sama mama.. slalu duduk di sofa sebelah mama terus ngomong ‘Soalnya begini lho ma..’ hahaha dan pas yang kalian berdua berantem.. terus dede tulis surat buat mama dan di dalemnya ada duit 100..”

After I came back from Singapore.. I talked a lot with my parents.. especially during dinner time ^^ and mostly we were talking about the past.. and future plan.. sometimes.. but what I noticed just recently.. errr not recently actually.. I’ve known this since.. well.. since I could think??

Even though my parents love their children equally.. or so they think.. but as human.. we will have our own preferences and that is something I realized myself.. coz I have my own too..

in this case.. well.. you could tell yourself rite?

I’m not saying it’s bad to have preferences.. no matter how hard you try to be fair.. there will always be thing called preference.. it’s just nature..

you could like a lot type of dishes but you will pick your favourite first

you could have a lot of best friends but one particular person will always be the first to know your news..

you could love both of your parents but you have one of them that is more closed to you..

so.. is it something we need to get rid of? hmmm..

for all I care.. I don’t have any problem with preferences.. we could never be fair as long we are still human.. coz human tends to involve a lot of emotions that will cloud them from being fair..

but that’s what makes life interesting rite?

you met a lot of people.. getting to know them.. and in the end.. let your heart choose for you..

sure there will be some who wouldn’t like or even get mad by our preferences.. but hey!! we can never make everyone happy rite??

as long we have the good intention and try not to hurt others.. I don’t see why we can’t have our preference ^^

it’s like telling I like Super Junior but I love Donghae of all~~ does it mean I hate Super Junior?


OK it’s late and I know I start to make nonsense.. better stop then ^^ hehehehehehe..

just want to write down something without having the real point of what I’m writing =P ahahahaha..


One Response to “all about PREFERENCES..”

  1. Hahahahaha……………
    intinya… cuma ada 1 bintang yang cemerlang diantara ribuan bintang yang bercahaya… isn’t it?

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