Ho Ho Ho!

It’s Xmas time everyone!! Did you all enjoy your holiday?? ^^

I spent my christmas holiday doing nothing but watching TV and youtube~ how pathetic can I be? *sigh* but it’s my holiday anyway so I can do whatever I felt like it~

This year.. actually I didn’t feel any Christmas spirit at all.. I don’t know why.. maybe becoz there’s not much xmas movies on tv? or less decoration on the street? very limit xmas celebration? whatever it was..

so.. a little bit down right here but still I try my best to enjoy my limited holiday.. to think I have to work again tomorrow >.< ah~ I miss the old times~

oh! and I had some funny conversation with my mom yesterday~


Mom    : Kenapa kalo santa claus ketawa pasti bunyinya HOHOHO sich?

Me       : Soalnya kalo ketawanya HIHIHI bukan Santa Claus, tapi cewe-cewe abg manja yang pecicilan (menjawab seadanya)

Mom   : Yah kan bisa HAHAHA, ga harus HOHOHO

Me       : Kalo HAHAHA kan kesannya ga ramah.. ngejek gitu de (mulai sotoy jawabnya)

Mom    : Kalo HEHEHE?

Me       : Kaya om-om ganjen itu mah (ni mama koq penasaran amat sich?)

Mom    : Kan masi bisa HU-

Me       : Itu kaya orang nangis! Aduh ntar aq telpon Santa Claus-nya dulu dee, aq tanyain kenapa dy suka HOHOHO

Mom    : Ah kamu bisa aja~

Me       :  ………….. (meneruskan maen BB yang tertunda)


I never knew my Mom has the curiosity like my 3-years old nephew~


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