50 things to do before I die!

Since I will leave my silver age in a matter of few hours~ I think it will be fun to write down what I want to do before I die.. actually I’ve got this idea from someone’s blog but now I can’t remember who >.< me and my stupid brain O.o

I’ve done this before but I think I need to make some revision~ since I have changed my goals now

Well to make it fast.. here we go..

1. …

Wow just when I wanted to start, a lot of things running through my head and I can’t decide which one I want to put down first.. so I guess I’ll just write down randomly with no particular order~

  1. Get married!! (not so soon but yes, I do want to get married!)
  2. With a caring, responsible and good husband definitely (who doesn’t want??)
  3. Go to South Korea
  4. Go to Japan (again!!)
  5. Go to Europe
  6. Go to America
  7. Basically I want to travel around the world
  8. Travel across Indonesia is a must! I’m Indonesian after all, no matter how sucks the government is
  9. Learn to play piano
  10. Can I add violin as well?
  11. A vocal coaching might help my karaoke skill
  12. Never too late to learn some dancing skill
  13. Get my Master degree of course
  14. If I’m still interested then Ph.D will do fine
  15. My own lab would be a great achievement
  16. Or a restaurant
  17. Hospital will be just nice!! I already have the staff anyway
  18. Which can be useful for a school as well~
  19. Meeting Super Junior in person and take a picture together
  20. Just Donghae will be fine with me..
  21. Getting myself a DSLR
  22. Can’t decide between Galaxy SIII or Note
  23. Get my driver license
  24. Then buy my own car
  25. My own apartment
  26. House, but it’s an optional.. that’s my husband’s responsibility anyway =P
  27. I’m going to learn Mandarin again!
  28. Japanese or Korean~ both if I can
  29. Taking my family on a family trip back to Germany
  30. Pay a visit to my sister~
  31. Also my long lost family in Germany
  32. Having more bonding time with my bestfriends
  33. A cruise together would be cool
  34. Go bungee jumping!!
  35. Become a more focus writer or blogger
  36. Learning photography
  37. And the photoshop process of course
  38. Revive my wushu skill~
  39. I still want to try kyuudo
  40. Watching SMTown live!!
  41. See EXO or Infinite performance live as well!!
  42. Publish a book ^^
  43. Raising beautiful children, inside and outside
  44. Learn how to control my sarcasm mouth
  45. Speak eloquently about my feelings to others
  46. Not too shy to tell my parents how much I love them
  47. Or to my brother how much I’m proud of him
  48. Telling my bestfriends that they meant so much to me, that without them I think I’ll be lost long time ago~
  49. Just.. making others happy by being with me
  50. But the most important thing, I just want to make myself happy

So.. I guess that’s all..

Originally, it supposed to be 100 things but I don’t have enough imagination right now to think until 100 >.< even 50 already giving me a headache *sigh*


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