About Me ^o^


I’m just an ordinary girl..

who try to live her life to the fullest..

share some of her ‘deep’ thoughts before goin numb..

try to be a dillatante in writing..

try to use this blog as a therapy for her brain..

to share what she really thinks about something or someone..

so maybe this blog is not suitable for daily read hahahahaha ^o^

hope u enjoy this \(^o^)/

comments are loved O.O


8 Responses to “About Me ^o^”

  1. dwianggunsuciptan Says:

    Mel, mana story about “someone” nya???? ^.^v

  2. huahahahahahahaha..
    someone ya?? hmmm.. sabar ya wi..
    “someone”nya masi sibuk di korea~~~ susah d.. halah~~~ hahahahahahahha

  3. dwianggunsuciptan Says:

    yaaaaaaaaa huahahahahahahahahahaha ^.^
    Ditunggu ya Mel.. SEGERA!!! huahahhahaha ^.^v

  4. dwianggunsuciptan Says:

    Uda ganti theme lg ya? Bagus MEl theme yg ini ^.*

  5. hahahahaha.. iya neh.. bis lom ketemu theme yg pas ^o^
    skrg da mayan kan?? klo ada yg bagus lagi ntar gw jg ganti hahahahaha

  6. rina cantiquez Says:

    numpang lewat aaaah…
    hi meeel..pa kbr? ngeblog jg neh? hehehe..^^


  7. eh ada lisrina ^o^
    jadi malu neh~~ hahahahahahaha..
    iya da nge-blog dari jaman FS seh tapi baru bkn blog ndiri gara2 dwi hahahahahahahaha

  8. […] Ketemuan ama temen2 FTb’04 sekaligus menemui Memel hahahahhaha kita menghabiskan waktu bersama dengan menyantap all you can eat di POke Sushi.. Ampe […]

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