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This post was supposed to be done when I was still in Singapore actually.. but.. yeah at least now I post it.. like old wise man said.. better late than never..

so.. as you all know.. I guess.. there’s not much thing I could do when I was staying at Singapore.. I had it enough for 1 year.. trying to entertain myself with anything I could find there.. and culinary is my answer.. I guess that explain the chubby fat *sigh*

but still..

I prefer to spend my money on food rather on clothes or bag or shoes.. so.. I’m not regret it.. even though I became chubby hehehe

and here I want to show some of the food I had tried in Singapore and I really really recommended these foods for you to tried!

I tried my first middle east food in Singapore.. the restaurant was located in Arab Street behind Bugis Junction.. it’s very near.. you could just walk from Bugis MRT station to get there.. actually there were a lot of middle east restaurants and I just picked one that looked nice (and cheap!) but I forgot the name..

did I like the food? I was totally loved the food!!!! it was delicious and made me crave for more.. slurppp!!

it’s Morrocan food to be exact.. from the drink, appetizer to the main course only cost us SGD $15.. I think it’s a fair price for a good food.. the drink was made from goat milk turn into milkshake or something similar but the taste was like salty yoghurt.. quite unique though but I don’t think I want to try it again~~

for the appetizer.. this was the best part! I really love the pita bread and the hummus!! really really love it..

because of this, whenever I went to Morrocan or other middle east restaurant, I will order pita bread with the hummus.. besides in Arab Street.. in Clarke Quay, there’s also a Morrocan restaurant which provide good food too (but will cost you much higher)..

for the main course.. it’s Kebab.. they called it Schazlick Kebab or something similar.. I forgot how to write the name *ehehehehe forgive me* ~~ I had a mixed kebab.. chicken, lamb and beef.. and the taste was so good.. I really like the spices they used..

from middle east, I moved on to Belgium!

yup.. because after so many weeks eating at different places and tried food from different countries.. me and my friend were run out of food.. and when we heard there’s a Belgium restaurant in Singapore.. heck! let’s try it!!

actually.. I never know Belgian has its own traditional food.. I thought all European have the same traditional food like sausage and goulash.. but apparently I was wrong..  so when I got there I asked the waitress about the authentic Belgian food.. and they recommended a duck organ or something in soup >.< errr too authentic for me.. pass!!! I asked what else and they said beef stew.. now that seems more like a food to me so I ordered it.. and how is it? one word.. GREAT! pork sausage also one of the original food from Europe and when I can say no to delicious food?

for the dessert.. of course we should try the world famous Belgian chocolate and waffle!

the restaurant’s name is Ooster.. it’s located in Raffles Place.. I don’t think many people know about this place especially Indonesian who only go to Orchad whenever they spent their holiday in Singapore.. but I suggest you to go to this area coz there are a lot of good food range from low to high price.. you can find the most famous Teh Tarik also in here..

so my conclusion about Ooster? even though the food were delicious but I pity my wallet~~

next stop! Japan!! *I wish*

there was a new cafe in a new mall, Iluma, called Benten Cafe.. at first when I heard the name.. it reminds me of the Ben10 cartoon.. you know? but it has nothing in similar at all.. the cafe sell burger steak for their main dish.. it’s a fusion between japan and western food.. a meat burger on a steak plate poured with curry sauce.. I miss the curry~~

like I said.. the cafe was located in Iluma.. the new mall beside Bugis Village.. the opposite of Bugis Junction.. you should go there and try for yourself~~

and for the last..

this is my favourite restaurant there.. western food with good french fries.. who am I to deny that??

ehmm the pic doesn’t have french fries in it coz I switched it with mashed potato which also yummy too~~ it’s from Botak Jones and you can find these restaurants in many places.. like in Orchad behind Cathay Cineleisure or in Clementi or in Marine Parade.. it’s always packed especially with young ones.. good food nice price.. who can resist that~~

ahh~~ seeing all these pics makes me hungry~~ I miss all the food since I couldn’t find it here..

if any of you know where I could find a delicious pita bread and hummus.. please please pretty please tell me?? ^^


Hokkaido.. Hokkaido.. Hokkaido Fair ^o^

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party time!!! yeah!! hehehehehe..

for 2 weeks.. if I’m not mistaken~~ there is a fair called Hokkaido Fair which is now being held in Tampines Mall until the end of this week.. and according to the fair’s name.. it’s all about Hokkaido food.. or so I thought =P never been to Hokkaido before so I don’t know what kind of food originately from Hokkaido.. but what I knew for sure.. it’s all about Japanese food ^o^ my favourite!!! yippie!!!



and being me~~ of course I would not miss the chance to try some food =P hehehehehehe.. so here I’ll show you some of the food sold in this fair~~

first.. manju cake!! finally I know what manju cake looks like~~ hehehehe.. and it did taste nice ^o^ especially the red bean one~~ nyam nyam..



custard manju

and I also tried.. of course.. takoyaki!! as always =P hehehehe.. this time I’m so happy.. not just becoz the size are big.. but the tako also very big and thick ^o^ hehehehe yummy!!!


at the first sight.. you will think that this was not interesrting.. well that’s what I thought.. at first.. but when I tried it~~ OMO!!! this is the best I’ve ever had so far in this fair!!! the curry tasted really perfect together with the potato bun.. definitely love it ^o^


potato curry bun

I tried croquette too.. it’s totally different with the Indonesian croquette or my mom’s made =P but still OK to me.. all of them have their own uniqueness.. and for this Hokkaido version.. well.. they put cream in it.. and I tried the crab cream and the original potato croquette ^o^


crab cream croquette

potato croquette

have you ever heard about dango??? yup it was mentioning almost in every anime or manga =p so.. must try!!! hahahahahahaha.. and I tried itarashi dango.. hmm wonder what’s that mean??? the sauce is salty but the dango itself are sweet~~ so.. imagine you eat something sweet with soy sauce.. but somehow.. it tasted nice and fresh!!! hehehehe..

itarashi dango

itarashi dango

hmmmm I really love when there’s a fair like this.. why don’t they make it into routine.. say.. weekly?? hahahahahahahahahahaha XD *cih!! no wonder~~ how am I goin to lose weight like this??!! O.O*

More and More to Go!!

Posted in Food, Food and Food on February 21, 2009 by MeMeL

more food to write hohohohoho.. coz recently i’ve been to many places and i think i want to share some yummy pics hohohohohohohoho.. and thanks to my lazyness~~ now i have to review 4 places in one post *.* ehehehe..

shall we???


first stop!!! WARAKU.. nope.. not pasta de waraku.. but waraku japanese casual dining.. so this one under the same management like pasta de waraku but this waraku provide only japanese casual food.. means the original japanese food.. mmm when i looked at the menu.. the main item mostly about ramen and udon @.@ but i didn’t try them.. instead i tried the side menu so we can ate and tried many ehehehehe.. and what surprised me the most~~ the bowl size in here was really HUGE!! too bad i didn’t get the pic T.T

first order was Waraku Salad.. the taste really light and delicious.. uuuu i want more ^o^ consists of egg, lettuce, potato, tomato and waraku special salad dressing.. really fresh and nice ^o^


and to satisfy our tongue.. we ordered others.. like this OkoNomiYaki Pizza and Carbonara Pizza.. hmmm not so japan food right?? but they were in the list so.. just try ehehehehehehe..



last one was Ton-Pei Yaki??? couldn’t remember correctly ;p hahahahahaha.. it’s an omelette with cabbage and teriyaki sauce *i think* actually the taste was nice but not as good as we expected ;p too bad~~ but still OK hehehe..


besides Waraku and Pasta de Waraku.. there are 2 other restaurants under the same management named Waraku de Gohan and Mr Curry.. i think i will try Mr Curry next but for Waraku de Gohan~~ think i’ll just wait for someone to treat me *i wish* hahahahahahahaha.. why?? coz it’s so damn expensive!!!!! hahahahaha..

ok ok let’s move on.. hmmm next is my fav restaurant in spore.. wish they will open in jakarta ^o^ what is it???

tadaaaaa… it’s…


ever heard before??? yup u can tell from the name.. they provide soup.. the soup always came up with bread.. and also there were some side dish like sandwich or wedges which are nice too.. the soup are in western style soup and it reminds me a lot to my mom’s cook ^o^

this one is Vegetable Mushroom Minestrone soup.. really really mushy taste.. since i’m not too fond of mushroom so i didn’t really enjoyed ate this *.*


the Beef Goulash is the most top item in SoupSpoon.. taste a bit sour but very good.. but still~~ my mom’s goulash beats all!! hahahahahahahahaha..


and last was Clam Chowder Soup.. it’s made from.. oyster??? or so~~ hahahahahaha.. i like this one!!! so creamy~~ hihihihihihi..


so.. tempting?? hehehehehehehehehe.. i will suggest u to try this if u come to spore.. unless if in jakarta already got one ;p hahahahaha..

move move~~


well~~ don’t have to much pic for this since we only ordered double scoop in one cup hahahahahahaha.. so there’s only 1 pic.. hmmm it’s Sea Salt Caramel flavor and Rum & Raisin flavor.. the first one taste~~ salty!! hahahaha.. not really fond of.. but the second~~ ^o^ yummy!!! the rum taste really strong and that’s why i liked it hahahahahha..


not really different huh between those two?? yahh u must try to tell hehehehehehehe~~

now.. for last stop~~ Coffee Club!!


well actually i didn’t try any food in coffee club.. but just hang out with my friends and enjoyed the drinks~~ the specialty is the drink right??? hehehehehe..

hmmm Iced Blackberry Coffee.. it’s coffee mixed with blackberry juice and added with coffee jelly.. mmmm sweet and bitter at the same time.. great!! hohohohoho.. also got some whipped cream ;p


Iced Macademia Nut Coffee also not bad but the nut taste was too soft *for me*


for the non-coffee drink.. Cocoa Mango Blend would be the perfect choice.. it’s very fresh and.. mango-ish?? ya the mango flavor really strong so if u don’t like mango~~ better not order this one hahahaha..


or u could try Iced Rambutan.. yeah i’m not lying~~ it said Iced Rambutan ;p


the colour looks so sweet right?? hehehehehehe..

so u guys enjoyed my treats??? hehehehehe ^o^

SingaPore StReeT fOOd.. part 2!!!

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holla holla.. hehehehe finally i could update again my culinary part ^o^ this time i already collected more pics for you to see hehehehehe..

well let’s just get start OK ^o^ hmmm let me see.. what comes first?? ahhh i know.. yup yup my fav food in spore beside carrot cake.. it’s PRAWN OMELETTE!!! sounds very common?? mmmm don’t think so~~ u should try first.. taste really really different.. they made omelette using sagoo flour *errrr is it correct?? what is “tepung kanji” in english?? ;p hehehehe* so the texture will be a gelly-like.. very nice!!! and yah this one is sold in Chinatown as well ^o^ aaahhhh love Chinatown *.*


next is ROTI PRATA hohohohoho.. hmmm nyam nyam.. i really like this indian food ^o^ taste really good.. served with curry hohohoho.. at least this one has strong flavor compare other spore food ;p hihihihi.. and the one that i recommended was roti prata in Niqqi’s.. that’s near NUS or to be precised is behind NUS.. if u want to try this u could just ask NUS student and they will know it for sure.. it’s very famous becoz not just the taste but also the price.. it’s student price hahahahahahahahahaha..

it’s onion cheese prata


we also ordered Murtabak Chicken Curry hohohhohoho..


and.. Tissue Prata.. aaaa i ate a lot >.<


this one taste sweet ^.^ coz they use sugar inside.. mmm it will be much better if there is ice cream with it.. yummy!! hohohohohohoho.. i know one place that served tissue prata with ice cream.. next time if i go there i will make some pics ^o^ hohohohohohoho..

ok let’s continue with other food.. this time is the most famous from spore.. everyone said that if u go to spore than u must eat this..can u guess??? ting tong!! CHICKEN RICE hahahahaha.. and my recommendation goes to Boneless Chicken Rice located at Ghim Moh Hawker Center.. the price is cheap but taste really good!! best chicken rice i’ve ever ate in spore ^o^



located at the same place.. my fav also.. CHEE CHONG FUN ^o^ it’s made from glutinous rice flour and can be filled with prawn (like in the pic) or char siew or turnip.. all taste great!! hohoho.. i’ve never met this food in jakarta but my friend said there is.. well need to look harder i think @.@


how?? look tasty right?? u can trust my judgement bout food ^o^ hohohohoho..

SingaPore StReet FooD ^o^

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hmmm i think today is the most active me in term of uploading post ;p hahahahahahahahaha.. i don’t know how much already i uploaded the post.. but never mind about that.. coz i have been lacking lately so this way i could repay my debt to my blog hahahahahahahaha..

so~~ this time i want to give you some pics about singapore street food!! yeah!! even though in here the food is not as good as in indonesia or any other country *the flavor is really really plain* but still i’ve managed to discover some food that have strong flavor compare to others hahahahahahaha.. and i want to recommend these if you want to come to spore and enjoy meal in here ^o^


this called Carrot Cake!! and no.. it’s not made from carrot.. actually it’s made from radish or usually people called chinese carrot.. so that’s why they called it carrot cake ^~^ this one i can say as the original and authentic spore food.. must try this one.. taste really good but the one that i think is the best carrot cake was sold in China Town..

yup yup you can find plenty of nice food in China Town ^o^ so i recommend you to come here instead of Orchad if you go to singapore ;p hahahahahaha.. you can’t find nice food in Orchad.. expensive and nice of course but not the cheap one hahahahahahahaha..

and other food or side snack should i say that i liked in China Town is Ahbaling!! it’s actually a mochi filled with vary of paste.. there’s peanut paste, red bean paste, green tea paste, black sesame paste and yam paste.. my fav of course black sesame paste!! heheheheheehehehehe.. also the soup comes in 3 choices.. peanut soup, ginger soup, and almond milk.. hehehehehehe..



next!! Cold Stone n Pasta de Waraku

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finally i could update my culinary part in this blog hehehehehe.. this time i’m goin to give some review for 2 place in once.. coz i’m kinda lazy lately ;p ehehehehehe..

ok.. the first one i’m goin to talk about is.. eng ing eng *drum roll please ;p*

Cold Stone!!!

cold-stoneyup yup.. i tried this place coz my girl recommended this one and she said it was good ^o^ *thx wi for the recommendation* and.. yeah it is good!! although it’s a bit expensive but it’s worth it lha~~~ *OMO!! singlish mode ON* i’ve came here together with my other 3 gals and the 4 of us shared two cups of their specialities.. i kinda forgot the name but if i’m not mistaken.. it’s The Pie I Loved and Chocoberry Lover or somethin’..

errr nevermind the name~~ just take a look at the pics hahahahahaha.. this one is The Pie I Loved~~ yeah if i remember correctly.. this consist of cheesecake flavour ice cream with oreo and nuts???


tempting hah??? hihihihihihi.. the other one is Chocoberry Lover.. don’t remember what’s in it but must be something related with choco ^~^ ehehehehe..


well~~ not to different right?? even i get confused *.@ hahahahahahhaha.. but both are taste great!! ^o^

anyhow.. let’s move to the second part!!

Pasta de Waraku!!!


they said this restaurant originally from Japan but not to sure though ;p hehehehehehehe.. me and my friends went to this one becoz of the display hahahahaha.. it’s very tempting u know?? hihihihihi.. and so we ordered different kind of foods so we can try each other food hahahahahaha..

this one was mine.. Prawn Pasta with Basil.. or so.. *sorry for my lack of memory @.@* this is very delicious!!!! i really recommend this one if you ever want to try!! although it’s creamy but you wont feel it ^o^ hehehehehehe..


for this one.. belongs to chippy.. nice one too.. ehmmm bacon carbonara?? ehehehehe.. what made this one special was becoz the bacon was made from beef.. not pork!! so this one is halal food hahahahahaha..


the other two were soup pasta.. hmmm actually i never knew there is soup pasta but it seems there is~~ the appearance remembered me of soup noodle ;p hahahahahahaha.. i think it’s the same just different in noodle and pasta hehehehehe ^o^ so.. this one is Beef and Vegetable Tomato Soup Pasta *right vin?? hehehehe*


last.. Kimchi Aglio Chicken ??


both taste quite unique.. not really my taste but still OK ^o^ hehehehehehehe.. wont hurt to try ;p hehehe.. and after we finished our meals.. we decided to order dessert!! coz my gal said the dessert was the best in here hehehehe.. so~~ must try!!! and here comes Macha Parfait!!.. the taste?? GOOD!! totally good!! i want more O.o ehehehehe.. there’s not only macha ice cream but also vanilla ice cream with red bean paste and mochi.. and waffle too.. i think we finished this one less than 5 mins hahaahahahahahaha..


yummy yummy yummy ^o^

it’S tcc tiMe!!! ^,^

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First stop.. tcc ~~ the coffee connoisseur!!!


Last week *i think*.. me and my housemate.. the two of us.. after longing for a long time.. finally.. we managed to go to tcc to try the menu there hahahahahahahaha…

at first.. we wanted to taste the main course but.. after second thought.. coz we wanted to taste not only one but several dishes.. then we finally decided to try the snacks hahahahaha.. errr.. they said it was snack but.. the truth is.. you can get full just by eating the snack ;p hahahahahahaha..

so.. we decided to order 3 snacks.. we thought if we were not full yet than we can ordered again.. eventually~~~ we didn’t.. full already!!!!

the first was.. potato bites with cheese dipper.. or so it called.. forgot the name hahahahaha.. but this one is highly recommended.. i loveeeee this one hahahaha.. maybe coz i like potato n cheese hahahahaha..


next.. we ordered beef tofu!!!! it’s so yummy.. it’s like lasagna but used tofu as the layer.. i thought it would taste weird but infact.. yummy!!!! and becoz they used tofu so you wouldn’t felt sick after ate it.. eventhough the size is quite big *for snack size..*


the last part was.. shrimp bites.. yah don’t remember the name as well hahahahahaha.. this one i think ok but not too special.. still prefer the other two hehehehe..


and for the drinks.. i ordered Azuki Freeze ^o^ and my friend’s Peach Yogurt Milkshake.. sounds very creamy right.. yeah i thought i chose the wrong one too.. but when I tried both of them.. hmmmmmm it’s very refreshing!!! the creamy-feel wasn’t that strong.. moreover.. it’s very light hahahahahaha.. not regret to order them ;p hehehehe.. btw.. azuki means red bean so you can see the red bean above hahahaha ^o^


ehehehehe.. yup2 i think that’s all my review for tcc hahahahahaha.. the prices are quite expensive though T.T hiks hiks *about SGD$ 9-25* but it’s worth to try.. for once hahahahahahaha…