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Tadaima \(^o^)/

Posted in It is Me, Mumbling Time with tags on September 16, 2009 by MeMeL

Aku pulang!!

yup.. that’s what I said through short message texts which I had sent to my dear friends in Jakarta~~ and the responses?? well.. can I say.. you guys miss me a lot?? ^^ hahahahahahahahahaha *narcisstic mode:ON*

well.. actually I didn’t tell a lot directly about my homecoming or whatever you named it~~ what I did was just let some friends knew that I already came home and let the news spread (or not ^^;).. and most important thing.. update the Facebook’s status ^^

pathetic?? I know~~

just like everyone else.. can’t get out of this Facebook hell.. already fall to deep and no intention to escape either.. so.. yeah.. just accept it ^^; ahahahahaha..

and when I came home.. a lot of people were asking me this question..

“Do you miss Singapore??”

honestly~~ I don’t! =P

but if you asked more specific like..

“Do you miss lived in Singapore??”

well.. yes!! I do!!

I’m not fond of Singapore but I have to admit.. I do like living in Singapore for some reasons~~ like I have mentioned before..

back in Jakarta.. I met with traffic jam.. smoking and spitting everywhere.. stupid biker all around.. noisy unsafe public transport.. hell yeah~~ I’m SO MISS living in Singapore..

but.. I also finally be able to catch up with my family.. my friends.. ate “gorengan”.. nasi uduk.. steak.. my mom’s cook.. enjoying every minute without having a feeling of rush.. just~~ enjoy my life.. and that’s all I need~~

so.. do I want to go back to Singapore?

if I get paid more than $3000 a month.. I will consider it ^^ hahahahahahahaha~~

since no one will goin to pay me that amount of money for now~~ so I’ll just stick around in Jakarta for some time ^^ enjoying my late holiday~~ hehehehehehe..

and by the end of this month.. I need to make new plan >.<



Posted in It is Me, Mumbling Time with tags on September 10, 2009 by MeMeL

I care a lot.. I do care a lot.. but~~ why I still have this suffocating feelings??

it past midnite now..

and still.. like the previous days..

I can’t sleep.. no.. it’s not that I can’t.. I don’t want to..

yeah.. I don’t want to..

somehow.. I’m scared..

scared of what? I don’t know for sure myself..

I don’t know the reasons.. or maybe I do.. but I just don’t want to acknowledge..

feels suffocated.. empty..

so many things I want to talk about.. to tell..

but the words only stayed on my lips..

even worse..

the words that slipped out from my mouth.. were words full of nothing but craps and lies..

I can’t help it..

I lost it..

don’t know when this was started.. but..

I can’t tell like I used to..

how I wish.. want.. to be like I used to be..

still.. everytime I tried..

it’s not relieved that got me..

anger.. furious.. irkness..

that’s what got me..

and I hate it.. I hate myself for harboring those feelings..

want to stop it.. how?

Soon.. and I’ll be HOME~~

Posted in Mumbling Time with tags on September 9, 2009 by MeMeL

four more days..

and I will leave this country..

for good??

don’t know..

but if I can make a plan for my future..

I don’t see this country include in my future plan.. but..

plan always stays as a plan..

maybe.. Fate has it own choice for me..

and becoz I will never understood Fate nor Destiny..

I’ll just stay with my plan.. and hoping.. Fate will be in my favor to gain my Destiny

and what is lies as my Destiny?

no one could tell..

only Time has the answer~~

*random talk at 2am just becoz I had insomnia >.<*

Bodyache NEVER felt so REAL..

Posted in It is Me, Mumbling Time with tags on August 9, 2009 by MeMeL


what a good timing for the illness to come and strike me!! right at the moment I had my “guest”!!! shit!!!!

I still don’t understand why each time my “guest” came.. my body would become weak.. very easy to get caught by some common disease~~ what the hell was wrong with my immunity system?? is it becoz I lost too much bl**d??? nahhh~~ can’t be..

anyway.. still.. I hate it when my weak time came.. but can’t help it.. it’s a natural thing that will happen to me until I’ve reached 50+.. or sooner..

luckily.. even though my body was weak.. not as weak as I thought.. just a little help of meds and a lot of sleeps.. I think I’ve gained my vitality back.. not 100% though.. but still OK ^^

at least.. I can go and watch UP!!! yeayyyy!!! can’t wait for that ^^ hehehehehehe..

the only problem that concern me now is.. I have this bodyache althrough my body.. don’t know why.. cih~~ hope it will gone soon TTATT


Posted in Mumbling Time, Replay~ Replay~ with tags , on July 21, 2009 by MeMeL

*credit to ShellyyBabehh ^^

Actually.. I don’t know what the song is about.. Just kept hearing the song over and over again..

Fall in love with the rhythem and melody already..

And now.. patiently waiting for someone make the high quality of this song and show the lyric of this song.. so I could understand what’s the meaning of the song..

but if I listen carefully.. behind those noises created by some crazy fans *cih!!! I’m so jealous~~ I want to be there as well!!!!! how I wish I was there T.T huuhuhuhuhu* well.. I could only hear the part “coz you are so beautiful”..

if I could make a guess.. I think this song it’s about a boy who fall in love with a girl.. obviously ^^; but somehow.. I feel a bit sad when I listened to the song.. I don’t know why~~ suppose this song to be a happy song right?? but that’s the feeling I got when I listened to it..

being me.. even though I feel sad everytime I listen to this song.. I’m still replaying the song over and over.. even now~~

yeah~~ I think there’s a part of me who likes to torture myself with all sad kind of things.. and coz I’m not in the good mood for these few weeks.. so.. yeah.. let it be~~

I think I will let myself sink deep and deeper into angst mode.. accompanied by Donghae’s sweet voice ^^

Marriot kena BOM!!!!.. lagi~~

Posted in Mumbling Time on July 17, 2009 by MeMeL

and that’s the first news I’ve got.. early in the morning..

and my reaction???

well.. how should I say this.. it will be a bit inappropriate but.. who cares~~

when I heard the news.. I just thought..

*Oooo SHIT!!!!!!!! what the fuck is goin on???!!!* ..I’ve told you it’s a bit rude =P

there are 3 bombs so far as I know that happened early in the morning today!!! like around 7am.. located at Kuningan.. and yeah.. they were exploded in Marriot (again!!!) and Ritz Carlton.. two of the most expensive hotels in Jakarta.. well in Indonesia too..

are these people crazy???!!!! why so many people like to bomb everything??? damn!!!! if I ever can get my hands on those bombers.. be sure that you guys.. bombers.. will regret that you ever born on earth.. I’m not goin to kill you.. that’s easy~~ no.. you have to feel the pain that you made to others.. for the rest of your life.. and I’ll make sure.. you will have a long long life span *evil smirk*

ok.. now my evil side is starting to show..

not that I’m too scared or something.. but the thing is.. I’m worry!! hell yeah I’m worry.. coz.. my brother’s college is near Kuningan.. to be exact.. very near!!! His college is in Sudirman Park~~ and my friend is working in Sudirman WTC and she always comes early in the morning through Kuningan..

so.. should I be worried??? OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

if it’s happening for example in China or Australia.. I wouldn’t be so damn worried like this.. but still.. wherever those bombing incidents happened.. I never like it.. heck.. who will??? unless those stupid bombers..

luckily.. today my brother has late schedule for his lectures.. but my friend~~ damn!!! where is she??? I can’t reach her uptill now.. shoot!!!!!!!! hope she’s ok *finger cross*

and what made me more pissed off.. it’s that.. some people not worried enough about the bomb.. instead.. they worried about whether MU still want to come to Indonesia or not~~

oh PLEASE!!!!!!!!! people are dead and you are concerning about MU coming or not????????!!!!!

well~~ I won’t talk about this.. coz people have their own mind and different perspectives in seeing things.. maybe it’s just me who kinda upset with those kind of mind set.. don’t know~~

just pray for those who got killed in this incident to be R.I.P

and pray for the safety of others~~

Tadaima!!!! ^o^

Posted in Mumbling Time on June 18, 2009 by MeMeL

Pulang.. pulang.. pulang…

Yippie!!!! ^o^ hehehehehehehehehehehehe


senengnya da mo pulang.. da ga sabar rasanya mo menghirup polusi udara jakarta.. makan permen bermelamin.. makan gorengan pake plastik.. makan bakso daging tikus pake cabe basi.. makan tahu berformalin.. minum minuman pake pewarna tekstil..

intinya.. KELUAR DARI NEGERI KIASU!!!!!!!!!!! horeeeeeee ^o^ hahahahahaha XD

segitunya ga tahan di negeri pori-pori singa yach???

bukannya ga tahan seh.. tapi da males aja.. lagian dari awal juga ga terlalu demen disini.. lingkungan beda.. yang lebih parah tu orang-orangnya.. entah kenapa ga sreg aja d.. susah kalo dijelasin.. yang jelas mang so far indo no 1 kalo buat soal gaul =P hahahahahahahahahahaha..

satu-satunya yang bikin gw tahan di sini cuma transportasinya!!! ama aman juga seh.. gila!! kemana-mana enak banget~~ cuma tinggal keluar jalan cari bus ato naek mrt.. nyampe d.. uda cepet.. aman.. ga rese lagi.. terus disini lebih bebas pake baju apa aja.. ga ada tuh mulut-mulut bawel yang kaga bisa diem kalo liat kulit mulus dikit aja layaknya di indo >o<


jadinya.. walopun orang-orangnya ga menyenangkan n negerinya ndiri ga banyak hiburan.. tapi gw masi bisa lha.. tahan untuk sementara.. cuma kalo disuruh disini lama-lama????? NO NO!!! kecuali.. *ada lho kecualinya~~* kecuali gw dikasi kerjaan dengan gaji yang memadai~~ mau d gw hahahahahaha.. soalnya jujur aja.. soal gaji mah.. disini harus diakuin.. jauuuhhhhhhh lebihhhhhh banyakkkkk dari pada di indo!! cuma ya ga bisa hidup hepi kaya di indo.. so kalo mo ngumpulin duit.. mending disini.. tapi abis itu hepi hepi di indo d hahahahahaha XP

so.. go home.. for good??

nahhhh~~ not for now.. sekarang seh pulang untuk hura-hura aja =P hahahaha.. ama tes GRE.. haih~~ jadi inget.. BELOM BELAJAR!!!!!!!! OMO!!!!!!!! males kale…

ada obat anti males ga seh???